Business Continuity Continuum

Madibatlou Middle School is run like a system for orderliness and sustainability. All elements relating to Strategy (ensuring that the Departmental objectives are met), Structure (ensuring clear line of command/clear reporting lines), System (ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in the successful running of the school), Skills (ensuring that well qualified and skilled workforce zealous on lifelong learning is employed), Staff (ensuring reward of good performance, and management of poor performance), Style (situational leadership style applied) and Shared Values are imbued in how the school is managed and envisioned to become. This Business Continuity Continuum is aimed at producing highly capacitated and very competent learners in terms of phase exit throughput. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons in every system, just as it is case with Madibatlou Middle School as indicated below: 

Strengths / Global Successes 

i. Very good teamwork amongst SMT, educators, SGB, learners and parents. 

ii. The school was able to secure bursaries for at least 5 learners over the last ten years 

iii. Twinning relationship with South downs College and American International school in sports 

iv. The School was able to obtain a 90% plus pass rate for more than 10 Years consecutively. 

v. Good performance in home language, English and MST subjects. 

vi. Fully involved SGB and supportive in terms of looking for new sponsorships. 

Improvement Areas / Global Challenges 

i. Shortage of Infrastructure- classrooms, staffroom, school hall, shade, sick room, bigger library, laboratory for senior phase, Technology centre and under cover walkways. 

ii. Upgrade of water supply – better borehole system or else municipality water supply needed. 

iii. ICT equipment for teaching and learning to respond to Covid-19 challenges 

iv. Road signs – in front of school on provincial road. 

v. Restricted sport facilities and playing areas for learners. 

vi. Poverty-stricken community impedes self-sustenance of the school in terms of financial injections. 

vii. Safety and Security can be better with little external financial support.