Learner Support Initiatives

We weekly conduct a learner-support-programme from 14:00 to 14:30 (Mondays to Wednesdays). This programme supports learners that need additional support owing to diagnostic assessments and previous summative assessments feedback. 

ii. Educators are supported by the senior management team to ensure that results are improved as markedly as possible. 

iii. Maths, Science and Technology (MST) strategies are implemented with continual professional training interventions 

iv. Regular Ekurhuleni Education District support (visits by IDSO, HR, Policy & Planning, LTSM, Nutrition/Transport, ISS, Infrastructure & curriculum) 

v. Sharing of good practice with Southdown College (to improve English reading and Mathematics). 

vi. Annual school improvement plans for all subjects. 

vii. Teacher development training/workshops/courses regularly attended. 

viii. Learners needing additional support are reported to School Based Support Team (SBST) and the District ISS unit for further professional interventions. 

ix. System-wide Curriculum Management Plan is meticulously followed (twice a term).