Madibatlou Middle School offers curriculum in line with the National Curriculum Policy Statement. Hereunder are different phases, age cohort and subjects offered. 

The school curriculum is driven by a motivated and capable Deputy Principal, Mr R Badernhorst. His core role is to ensure that all policies and procedures from Education Department are implemented by the foot soldiers – the teachers, in line with the management plan. He is passionate about technology, and believes that Covid-19 may have inadvertently presented an opportunity for the school to move with speed in the direction of ICT infrastructural capacitation. He believes that Madibatlou Middle School is a victim of its own success because too many learners are fighting to get admitted at the school, and this presents a challenge on resources, both human and physical. He reckons that some parents have to pay lots of transport money just to see their children being taught at this oasis of success deep in the desert /shack-land of L&J. This is indeed a great tribute befitting of hardworking teachers, learners and parent community of Madibatlou Middle School.